Office Setup Enter Product Key

Office Setup Product Key | Office Setup Enter Product key

Office setup enter product key is an important part of office installation. The Microsoft office is developing the software which helps your family and business purpose. The office helps to develop your work. It makes your work more creative and more attractive in no time. The office has the applications like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, outlook, NoteOne, etc. There are various plans, versions, and software of office which are as follows.

You can prepare spread-sheets, presentations, documents, databases, etc. The tools and technologies of the applications decorate and make your work stronger to be capable to represent. If you are a new learner then basic office software helps you to learn the basics of office application tools. Students can learn various things from the base. The office is actually for the use of business purposes.

office setup enter product key

Steps to process office activation via office setup product key

Activation is the main part of the working of the office. To activate the office it requires a product keycode which is also known as license keycode.

Product keycode for office

The office product key is of 25 digits which is an Activation code also. The keycode is with the official plan you buy. The key is kept in the box of the office you get. So no need to find the product keycode else anywhere. This keycode has letters and numbers in it so that no one can misuse it. When you use the product key once then you cannot use it again. So keep the product key safe with you.

Using product key Activation of office

  • Now open the accessories using the start option. Click on the start option.

  • After that go into the Microsoft Office folder and then click on any of the applications from it and open the application.

  • Then after you will see sign-in and create an account option on the screen.

  • Sign in or create an account in the Office setup enter product key. Then you will see boxes on the screen.

  • Those boxes are of a product key. You have to enter the product key there.

  • Then enter the product key there and click on Activate option below.

  • Then open the blank page to check whether the office is active or not.

Easy steps to create an account on Office

There are various ways to create an account in the office. Let's see those ways as below;

  • Go and open the browser of the device where you want the office.

  • Then search the URL in the search tab.

  • After that open the official site of Microsoft office.

  • On that site, you will see the sign-in option and create an account option.

  • If you have an account you just sign in with the account you already have.

  • And if you want to create an account in the Office setup enter product key then click on create one option.

  • Now click on create one option. After that, the form will appear.

  • Now enter the credentials like Name, phone number, email ID, and a new password.

  • Then submit the form by clicking on Create an Account below. You have to undergo the Google verification process too.

  • Then you are done with the Account creating process.

Download and Install office for a new system

If you don't have the office in your system then download and install as follows;

  • As above information, you have to create an account or sign up with the Account.

  • Sign in with your account and open your account page.

  • Then click on the Install option. The installation will begin.

  • After installation enters the product key and install the office and Activate the Office setup enter product key.